DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Monday get back to vendors from over the weekend

May 6, 2017 by DJ Jay

Hey, DJ tips in under a minute. It’s Monday marketing day, I’ve decided, which means that I’m going to get in touch with vendors, get in touch with people I worked with over the weekend that had a good event with and see if they can help me out with getting business in the future and I can help them out by providing a great service. But I’ve also decided that I know so many vendors who I can see at an event, I haven’t seen in a year and say, it’s great seeing you again, I loved working with you last time, but nothing comes of it.

So I think you’ve really got to stay on people’s radar. So I’ve decided to start emailing people once a week, once every couple of weeks and if they get back to me and they’re like, yeah, I’ve got a client coming up, great. If they don’t, onto the next one, because I think we’re going to find real quickly, at least I have, if you don’t stay on people’s radar, you don’t get books. So this tip in under a minute is Monday after the events, shoot that email out real quick thanking them for their help, thanking them for working with you and everything else and stay on top of it and if it goes somewhere, great, if it doesn’t, move on, under a minute.

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