DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Modern Client Emails

May 30, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, dealing emails nowadays. I’m finding emails come in with questions like this, but they don’t end with anything. So I get this a lot, I get one-line emails, I’m getting married, are you available on this date question, if you are, how much are you question.
So I respond in kind, I speak the language of my clients, meaning if you send me a one-line email, I send you a one-line answer and my answers tend to always end in questions. I’m available for your date, how many hours do you need me question. Conversations in email have become more of texting than emails. The big, huge replies may still work in a lot of moments, but man, I’m finding more and more of my newer clients, the younger clients, especially you’re speaking to me in emails just like it was a text. So I end up with all these emails to just get to a meeting. So when you get an email with a one-line, answer it with a question, but answer it in the way it was asked, under a minute.


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