DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Make Sure the Times are Right

October 24, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. It is 4:37 and some seconds and my wedding is supposed to start at 5:00, because I’m contracted at 4:30 until 10:00, but bride and groom hired their officiant a year ago and his contract says 5:30. So he’s not going to be done with his 4:30 wedding about 15 miles away until 5:00 o’clock. He’ll then come over here and do this wedding probably about 5:30 when his contract is. So tell your clients when they hire you just to double check all their vendors’ arrival times, times on the ceremony site, times on the reception site, everything. Even though it’s not your job, it’s a great way of being that saving guy that tells them to double check and they find out that they’ve hired a vendor for the wrong time. And if it’s a year out, they can usually rectify it. This, unfortunately, they could not. So tips in under a minute, get with your clients, make sure all the vendors are hired for the same time and you’re good to go.

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