DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Make A Gear Wish List And See What You Need Versus Want.

January 25, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, what’s your wish list? What gear would you have if you had to go out today and replace all of your gear with new gear? Would you go to vinyl, would you stick with CDs, would you stick with the same controllers, same speakers, same lights? What would you do? Try to get a wish list together and then establish what you need. Not so much what you want, but what you need, then determine if there’s money in it. It’s about ROI, Return on Investment. You want to buy light, get uplights, you can sell them. You want to buy a bunch of lasers. If you can’t sell lasers to clients, I don’t know, seems kind of goofy, but change up your setup, pretend you need to buy all new gear. You don’t have to spend thousands; you can spend a few hundred, a hundred. I just bought an AC-3 controller for $23. It’ll change up my light show.
So make a wish list and go after it, in under a minute.


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