DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Loungey Christmas Music For Your Parties.

September 21, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, the lounge Christmas series, jazzy piano lounge, instrumental lounge, vocal lounge, whatever you’re looking for, but a little bit different than the standard Christmas fare that you’re going to get in the stores that everyone’s going to hear throughout the holiday. So if you’ve got a holiday party coming up, check out some of these, they’re called the Ultra-Lounge Christmas series, old style, kind of jazzy, big band-y, real classic, very kind of more on the upbeat and mellow side, but add something to the party. I always get compliments when I take these CDs out. I myself will do some Christmas music for dinner as well as cocktail and then kind of break off and do the party scene. So you don’t need too much, maybe one or two of these, a Hoey CD and you’re good to go. So a little twist on your holiday music, the Ultra-Lounge series, check it out. DJ tips in under a minute.


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