DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Know songs and groups whether you play them or not

November 8, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. This is Ed, I’m going to pronounce his last name wrong, Kowalczyk. He is the lead singer of Live and there was a post on Facebook about him playing at a wedding and people saying, I’ve never heard of him, never heard of this song, don’t know who this guy is, don’t know who the group is. They were big in the ’90s and they had a good following. I don’t know if they made arena status or not, but the point was whether you play this music at events or not, you should know it, you’re a DJ. And the whole point of DJs is to know more music than clients, hence why clients don’t hire themselves to DJ their weddings. And yeah, you may not play Live and you may not play STP and a lot of groups, but knowing who they are and knowing their music only helps, especially when you meet with clients who go, we love this. And you can say, great, I know what I can play. So get back to knowing music and being that kind of DJ that’s big on it, in under a minute.

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