DJ Tips In Under A Minute: iTunes value discs for DJs

December 26, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. People are always asking me about music and where I secure my tracks from, because I get everything, to the best of my ability, from really reputable sources. This is iTunes, of course, but I also use Top Hits Direct, Full Tilt Remix, Promo Only POOL, Beat Port, Traxsource. There’s a few different places I go to. But one of the things today is finding a lot of music for inexpensive money. As you can see up here, this is 50 electro house tracks for the price of $7.99. So what I’ve done is I’ve gone in looking for different artists and then found compilations they’re on and as you can see, there are 50 tracks on this and it’s a really good disk. So if you need to get good music and get a lot of it for not a ton of money, try iTunes and look for artists under comps. Good luck on it and you’ll find it, in under a minute.

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