DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Ishkur’s guide to electronic music

October 23, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. This is Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. And if you’ve never seen it, it’s actually really cool. It goes into not only gear and what’s what, but it does some sample breaks that are pretty famous in music, sounds that are famous, but more importantly it breaks down different genres. So it starts with house and it goes through everything that comes off of house and it actually — if you pick something, like Acid, it actually gives you an example — several, up to six different examples of what that genre is. So it’s kind of cool, it’s something to look at. You’ll argue — some people argue that some of it’s not as accurate as it could be, but if you don’t know what different styles are, it’s a great place to start. His own website is coming up with a new one, I think Version 2.6. This I got off another set, I can put a link down here. So in under a minute, Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Makes for a fun reading, under a minute.

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