DJ Tips In Under A Minute: How To Remove The Track Name In Serato Scratch Live

July 20, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute for my Scratch Live guys that have asked me about this. I’ve got a track playing right here, you see I’m also going to do another tip video on this how to make these horizontal waves bigger, but up here on the top corner, you’ve got your BPM. On the top bar, you have your track name and you have your artist. What you do is you click on that so it says tap. You type in AM and you hit enter. What happens is the track name disappears. And this is anti-trainspotting mode, but it’s also considered to be DJ AM mode where you can’t see the track name. To reverse it, you go back to BPM, click on it, type in AM on the keyboard, hit enter and the track name is back. So if you are using Scratch Live and you need to protect the track, remember click on BPM, type in AM and hit enter, DJ tips for you Scratch Live guys, hiding track names in under a minute.


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