DJ Tips In Under A Minute: How To Make Your Music Folders Into Crates In Serato.

May 10, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. How to make crates, which are in Serato/library at your intro where your music is stored. They’re over here, you see one says “Hunger Games,” one says “Creedence Clearwater.” I want to show you how easy this is in Serato. So if I hit this button here, it says files, I get a dropdown window. So I’ve got my music, I’m going to go to my documents where I know I have some music. Let’s see, here’s one, artist. I’m going to take this one that says artist, I’m going to drag it down here to the bottom and you should see something crop up and there’s a crate. So anything I drag from here as a folder down to here where it says plus, that crate is then created in that name. So if I click on it, here we go, this is a Promo Only disk and it’s in under a minute.


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