DJ Tips In Under A Minute: How To Find Your Next Phrase Point To Mix.

May 24, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, mixing. I’m going to link a video from Bobby [sic] Blends, Blends Gone Wild that I just watched. In the description on this one, that’s the one you really want to watch. This is just getting you into it. If you’re new to mixing, you’ve got to deal with 32 beats, 8 bars equal 1 phrase and you mix on phrases or begin your mixes on phrases. So what I did was I set cue points. I simply got to the very beginning of the song, set a cue point and then in Serato, ITCH or Scratch Live, I hit this button that says 32. That’s a 32-beat loop. At the end of it, I set another cue point and it’s just so I could listen through and see what it sounds like in each phrase. So if you’re new and you can’t find the phrase, can’t find the spot to mix on, try this as a trick, start setting 32-beat loops so you can get to your next phrase. Watch Bobby’s video; I’ll link it down here. Again, proper mixing when phrasing, in under a minute.


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