DJ Tips In Under A Minute: How to end a meeting with a perspective client

September 15, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, how I end my meetings with the bride and groom. This is verbatim, at the end of my meetings, to give the bride and groom some time to think about the decision they are going to make about hiring me or not hiring me is simply saying, and I quote, every time I meet with a new client, I automatically hold their day for seven days. If during that time another client comes along and requests that date, I will tell them I have a hold on it. I will then contact the present client who I’m meeting with and they will be given a first right of refusal for 24 hours. If within 24 hours they are unable to make a decision and the new client comes in and says, we’re hiring you over the phone, I’m out, I’m no longer available. I find this works well, it doesn’t force anyone’s hand and it gives everyone an understanding that they should check your references out after the meeting. So in under a minute, give your client 7 days with a first right of refusal for 24 hours within the 7-day period, out.

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