DJ Tips In Under A Minute: How People Should Use The Microphone.

March 15, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, microphone. At a gig right now and I will have two people later on toasting. And what I will do is I will — as I say at every wedding, please hold the microphone here or here or here or here. Please don’t hold the microphone down here like a pointer or over there showing people in the crowd. Do this at your weddings, do this at your events, go over to whoever’s going to speak on your microphone and just simply say to them, let me give you a heads-up, it’s this kind of microphone, it’s already turned on, this one has the power button right there if you can see that at the base, doesn’t have anything on the side. The other thing is please don’t tap the microphone. Don’t sit here, is this on? It is on, I gave it to you on, hold it about an inch and a half, two inches from your mouth and you’ll be fine. So DJ tip in under a minute, have your clients figure out how to use your microphone right before they toast or earlier so they sound and look great. Under a minute.


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