DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Great DJ website and article for new DJs

December 11, 2016 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute, DoAndroidsDance. This is a website I just stumbled upon today, because another DJ said I needed to read this article right here, 10 Tips for New DJs. It’s a little abrasive, but you know what, it has some really good points and I mean, really good points on being a hard worker, marketing, practicing, knowing your music, being quick to respond, being nice in the industry, dealing with promoters, all sorts of stuff, whether you’re doing weddings or clubs. It’s actually a really good read. I’ll put a link down here, but it’s a cool site too. Goes over DJs to follow on Twitter, acts to see at WMC and Ultra Fest. Just it seems like an overall good source for info for DJs that are into music and being DJs, got charts. So I’m definitely going to be checking this out a little more. So DJ tips in under a minute, check out

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