DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Get Hired By A DJ From YouTube

May 9, 2019 by DJ Jay

Jay: Okay. The wedding’s over and as you know, I do the blog thing, but here’s what’s really cool, I’m going to ask the bride and groom not only did I do well, yeah, I did well, thank you, but how did they find me? So Ryan, how’d you find me to do your wedding?
Ryan: YouTube.
Jay: Found me on YouTube. Now, how did tonight go?
Ryan: Perfect.
Jay: Awesome. Now, here’s the big question, so Ryan, what do you do for a living?
Ryan: I’m a wedding DJ.
Jay: Go to — this is my new DJ tips in under a minute, get a YouTube channel, get a bride, get a groom, maybe when it’s even a DJ, they may hire you, because you put up a good video, but then you have to come and kill it at their wedding. So in under a minute, DJ tips, me, Mike, Christina [ph], we’re out in Camarillo. Awesome.
Ryan: Thank you so much, Jay. That really was [inaudible]. And I’m sending you the wedding [inaudible].
Jay: Good. Thank you.


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