DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Get Cables And Cords In Different Colors For Different Needs.

November 9, 2017 by DJ Jay

Now, DJ tips in under a minute, I know it’s dark in here, but hopefully you can see that, that’s my extension cord today. It carries three plugs on it. And again, sorry it’s dark, but I knew I was doing white pipe and drape today. So to make things look better behind it, all you can pick up is the white cable, which is actually right there blending in with the pipe and drape. So if you know you’ve got to do something like this where there’s going to be white around the room, invest in a couple of white cables. Most of mine are black, I’ve got a yellow, I’ve got orange, I’ve got green, I’ve got all the colors of the rainbow, but in a case like this, I wanted to be able to really melt in with the pipe and drape. So the other thing is ask them to turn the lights down. Matt, the onsite here, has been awesome about turning all my lights down. So it looks great. So DJ tips in under a minute, buy a white cable in case you’re going to do white pipe and drape, you get to hide some of the cables. Under a minute.


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