DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Get An Ipad Or Other 3G/Wifi Device.

December 6, 2018 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute. It’s loud, because my gig just ended, but this is expensive, but if you don’t have an iPad, you should get an iPad or a tablet if it goes online for gigs. If everything else goes south, I can take this cable, which goes into my auxiliary input right now so I can play music off either deck, I can cross fade, simple app, but the cool thing is I can plug this into a power speaker and run. I can do a ceremony, cocktail outside, whatever I want to do. So I know it’s expensive, but this is a first gen with 3G. If you can get a first gen on eBay, Craigslist, whatever, try to get one or a tablet, like I said, something you can get music on and something that you can get a DJ app on. As expensive as it is, it is a lifesaver, because now you have a complete system if needed right here. So DJ tips in under a minute, if you can, get an iPad or a tablet of some kind with a DJ program.


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