DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Fiverr For Voice Drops And More

June 6, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. This is a site called Fiverr. They’ve got a lot of things going on, but if you notice in the search box, I have DJ drops and that is because I can go on this site and get all these different people, men, women, accents, no accents to do drops for me. So I’ve got a gig coming up in the next two weeks and I need to get a couple DJ drops done.
Now, I could call one of the many DJ drop companies out there and they do a good job, but $25, $35, $40, whatever probably still worth it, but I just want to get a quick voice drop. So for $5, I think I’ll go for it. Now, if you look up here, you see graphics, design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video animation, all sorts of cool stuff. This is Fiverr. By the way, did I mention everything costs $5.00? So need something done real quick, voice drop, $5, under a minute.


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