DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Finding Songs With Serato SSL/Itch.

March 8, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, we’re back in prepping for a wedding. So at a wedding this weekend, I’m setting up my music, I’ve got my crates, I’ve got my tracks, but a lot of times I like to burn tracks from within my crates onto a separate drive, like a flash drive so I know I have everything that’s really important to the bride and groom. So what I would do in the past is simply open up my hard drive, then search the hard drive and that can take a while, because there’s 20-some-odd thousand songs on the hard drive. But I learned a cool trick, the trick is this, you have your keyboard, so you hit control-R, watch what happens, boom, you get the location of the song. It actually comes up and shows you where it is. So now you can go into the song, right-click the track, copy it, drag it to something on your desktop and make a separate file so you can burn it to a drive or a disk. Cool tip in under one minute.


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