DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Don’t Let The First Dance Be Ruined

July 13, 2016 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in maybe over a minute today. I got a track right here, bought it on iTunes. Track is called “Together Forever,” it’s a Donavon Frankenreiter track album. Best thing is right here, 3 minutes and 34 seconds long. I look up here at the play bar, 3 minutes and 34 seconds long. So I get to my wedding and the song starts playing and everything seems cool. And remember, this is the first dance for the bride and groom. Now, song’s going and I step away from my gear, because they’re taking photos and I get up here to about 41 seconds and in iTunes, you’re going to see what happens, it jumps track. Let me now show you what happened in Serato. Here’s the track in Serato. Now, it’s way over here, let me bring it into the song, let me hit play and again, I have a full counter. So it never dawns on me to look at the wave, but if I had looked at the wave form, guess what, there’s the wave form. The track actually cuts out.

So I’m going to fast forward it up to that point and that’s what I got. The song still thinks it’s playing, bar is still moving, but there’s no audio and it listed as 3:33. So luckily I knew their first dance choice before the wedding was Dave Matthews’ You and Me and I happened to have that. So I put on Dave Matthews’ You and Me, I pull the bride and groom aside, tell them what happened, apologize, show them, totally were onboard with it, gave them a little extra free time at the end of the night, went to my phone and was able to pull it off the Cloud and it was intact. So I played it later on for them and they were thrilled, everything worked out great, but this is the last time I’m ever buying music from a source and not listening to the entire track. So even though I’ve broken two minutes, it’s worth it. Don’t let this happen to you. Just because you buy a song and it listed as 3:30 long, doesn’t mean it is. So save your butt. DJ tip in well over a minute.

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