DJ Tips In Under A Minute: DO NOT Play means DO NOT PLAY

August 6, 2016 by DJ Jay

Hey, this is DJ tip may go over a minute. It concerns do not play songs at weddings and this is an actual wedding I just did back in June or this month. And on their do not play list, they had a few songs. When I get to an event and a bride and groom have given me a do not play list, that’s exactly what happens, I do not play them. I don’t play them if a cute girl comes up, I don’t play them if a relative comes up, I don’t play them if people come up with money. I don’t really care why somebody else wants to hear it and I don’t really care why the bride and groom don’t. I just know that the bride and groom have entrusted me with their music for the evening and they’ve specifically said, we don’t want to hear something. It could make them sad, it could make them mad. That isn’t at issue. What’s at issue is sending people to the bride and groom to bother them. If bride and groom tell you, I don’t want to hear a certain song, don’t tell someone requesting it that, because they’re just going to go bother the bride and groom.

What I’ve always done is say, I don’t have it. Well, you have a laptop and a phone and an iPad, can you download it? No. I don’t have the right cables, whatever it takes. But I immediately suggest another song that I’d be happy to play for the person requesting it. For all I know, this could make them super sad and I’m not going to make my bride and groom sad at their wedding. So if you have a do not play list from the bride and groom, that’s exactly what it is, it’s a do not play list. It isn’t a your friend wanted to hear it and she said she’s really good friends with you, don’t go for that. If someone says don’t play something at a wedding and they’re your client and they’re trusting you, don’t break that trust by playing it. This is sort of a tip/opinion, but I think you’ll never lose if you do what you get paid to do, in well over a minute.

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