DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Create A Time Line With Songs And Names For Your Wedding

December 27, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. This is an actual timeline from a wedding I did, wow, three years ago. As you can see, it outlines what time everything is going to happen, names for things, first dance names, who’s giving a blessing, who’s giving the toast, any changes, the father/daughter dance had not been decided yet, bouquet toss, last dance, all those things. I do this for every wedding. Even if I have a coordinator who’s sending me a timeline, I do this for my eyes, because I want to know that everything is included and if I suddenly stepped away and had someone come in and jump in my wedding, they would have all the information they needed to do a great job. So whether you have a coordinator or not, when you meet with your clients, go over their timeline, jot down your own notes, have your own guide for the night. I also have one that gives names over here for toasts and introductions. Any other questions, post them, DJ tips in under a minute.


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