DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Christmas Lighting Package

September 14, 2017 by DJ Jay

Ho, ho, ho, it’s the holidays and it’s DJ tips in under a minute, your Christmas lighting package as you can see. Excuse the cables and wires, but this is what I’m offering to my holiday parties this year, a vibrant display of red and green, the colors of the holiday, at least out here in So Cal and this is something I’m offering as a lighting package and I’m selling it as Christmas colors in the lighting. And they say, what’s that? I say, I do a wash red and green around the room. And because these lights are all close together, you probably can’t see that too well, but that’s actually coming off a little bit like an amber, because red and green are the primary colors for amber. So you’ve got a holiday party, you need a little something extra, try this, set your lights to red and green, run them around the room or around one wall or wherever you want and it’s your Christmas color lighting package, tips in under a minute.


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