DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Chris Cox Effects Tip!!

June 8, 2017 by DJ Jay

DJ Jay here with tips in under a minute. There he is, DJ Chris Cox.
Chris: What’s up? How are you doing?
Jay: Now we’re going with our DJ tips in under a minute. One tip you think mobile DJs, wedding DJs, any DJ out there would benefit from.
Chris: All right. This is having to do with effects and especially echo and delay effects. So all the [inaudible] mixers, a lot of mixers all have echo and delay. I see guys all the time, they’ll have their track, they want to add echo in and they just turn the echo up and everything starts to over amplify and it sounds really, really bad on speakers. You get a lot of distortion. So one of the things I always do anytime I add the echo or a delay effect, I roll the bass off. So that way you can echo the mids and the highs and you’ll still get the trippiness and that kind of thing, but you won’t get the distortion, you won’t have the kick drums, because when you start echoing a kick drum, you’re going to overload your channel and it’s going to get a lot of really ugly distortion and it sounds really bad in the songs.

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