DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Check Your MP3 Files.

February 28, 2019 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute. You see these things scrolling past on the screen, these are songs.
They are in a program called MP3 Validator. And what this is doing is it’s going through and looking and if it sees a problem, it will log it. If it’s not a problem, it will say okay. Then I can set it to go back in and fix, if possible, the files that it has found are corrupted. It could be anything from the title, the ID3 tags, what setup as far as the encoding was concerned. I’ve had issues with certain sites, buying tracks from then and then scanning them and seeing a problem and it will come up on this, because there are certain tracks I’ve bought on certain sites. There is no problem, just when they were encoded with LAME, it gave a problem. So MP3 Validator, go to Google, find it, it’s a free software, I’ll put a link and run all of your MP3s through it so you don’t have problems. Thank you.


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