DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Buy Speaker Covers To Protect Your Speakers.

March 14, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under 60 seconds. This is my speaker, trying to show you all the sides of it.
Show you the shape it’s in, because it looks absolutely brand new and it’s not, it’s two years old.
If you look up close, you don’t see any marks or anything. That’s because I spent money on these.
These are bags. They didn’t have bags when I bought my speakers. So I had these made by a company called Tuki. They zip, they’re water resistant, they’re padded and the speakers go in them at every event. So they go from the garage to the van, out of the van, into the gig, out of the bag and back in the bag, back in the van, back in the garage. So if you don’t have bags, get bags for speakers, they’ll thank you for it, they will look good and new and people will be impressed with your appearance, under 60 seconds.


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