DJ Tips in under a minute: bring sw and drivers on a separate flash drive.

January 17, 2019 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute. This is a flash drive. This has music for my event on it as well as on my main hard drive. My wedding last night, the photo booth operator couldn’t start for an hour and 15 minutes, because the drivers wouldn’t pick up from the printer to their laptop. So an hour and 15 minutes after they were supposed to start, they started. And I said, do you have the drivers? And they said, we have to download them from the Internet. If you use software, if you have drivers for your controller or players, put them on this, I have a control disk for Serato and Traktor on this. Even though I don’t use Scratch Live, I have the tone. So if I went to a gig, somebody had forgot their CDs, at least I can plug this in, hopefully CDJs that link and I have a control tone. I also have a copy of ITCH on this and I have any drivers from my controller. So bring this kind of backup, DJ tips in under a minute.


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