DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Another Reason To Attend A DJ Show, PRICES..

July 12, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. Just showing you kind of a DJ tips in under a minute, small speakers. These are tiny.
That’s my hand and that’s the speaker and it’s pulled on top of a 12-inch sub. And not only are the prices great, but I’m seeing more and more 8s and 10s with DJs and they all seem to love them and there’s certainly a lot here at the show. So that’s the setup, ZXA1 and ZXA17. People ask me if I saw anything, put it in the video, so I am. Very small footprint, looks very easy to move, probably two tops and one sub and you are in business. So another reason, DJ tip in under a minute, go to the shows. Pricing is ridiculous. A lot of blowout deals for the show. So if you need an excuse to come to the shows, there it is, cheap gear. DJ tips in under a minute.


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