DJ Tips In Under A Minute: 99 cent store supplies for events

October 5, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. We’re on the road today with the 99-cent store and I had to pick up some things. So I just got new three-inch gaff tape. So now this one-inch duct tape, yellow, is going to go over the cable two or three strips every couple of feet if I’m going over an area where people are going to be walking. So they definitely can see it in the dark. These are going to now strap together on my speaker stands since I don’t use a bag, because I use scrims or DJ scripts.

So I need these to keep my stands together on the cart, silicon ties. These are going to come in handy, because I’m going to put the cables together and they’re reusable inside of my DJ case. And then these PV clamps, I need one at home for something and then this one is actually going to go in the gig’s, open up and go in the table behind where my setup is and that way I can keep my headphones on this, because I keep laying them on the table and moving the cables around. So I just want to have the headphones away from where everything else is. So again, at the 99 Cents Store with DJ tips on the road in under a minute.

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