DJ Tips In Under A Minute: 26 Million Songs That You Have Access To.

February 22, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. It now offers 28 million songs, videos and apps. So let’s say there’s a million apps, minus that out. Videos, let’s say there’s six million videos just for numbers, because I’m not positive, let’s say it’s a safe bet that iTunes has 20 million songs in it, the point is I’m not going to tell people how many songs I have anymore. I think my role as their DJ is to make sure I have the right songs, because anyone with an iPhone or an iPad or anything else can get access to these songs. So telling your clients, I bring 10,000 songs, I have 300,000 songs, I have a million songs, I don’t think it shows value anymore. I think it just shows that you’ve got a lot of music. If you don’t know what track to play next, it doesn’t matter what you have. So start to focus on the right song, not just all the songs. DJ tips in under a minute.


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