DJ Tech Enters 4-Deck Controller Market with 4Mix

January 30, 2012 by Mobile Beat

With the increasing shift to 4-deck functionality in MIDI controllers, the 4Mix seeks to provide the basic functions at an affordable price.

The 4Mix features a full 4-channel mixer section complete with large, direct access to EQs and filters for each channel. Switching between decks A/B or C/D is easy as pressing the dedicated deck select buttons on the device.

The large, illuminated rubber pads provide quick and responsive tactile feedback for cue point juggling or engaging loops. Finally, the 4Mix provides direct access to FX selection and parameters via illuminated buttons and large knobs. With direct access to these features, remixing on the fly has never been easier.

The 4Mix comes bundled with the popular Virtual DJ LE digital DJ software, but is also mappable and compatible with other popular digital DJ programs. Take a step into the 4-deck world of digital DJing with the DJ Tech 4Mix!

DJ Tech is a leading provider of DJ equipment and technology. At DJ Tech, we love sound and believe that it is important to cater to the specific requirements of today’s increasingly evolving DJ. From beginner to advanced, analog or full digital, DJ Tech innovates and develops products for all types of DJs.

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