DJ Spen And Genesis Jones New Music

October 23, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

This month I interviewed House legend Sean Spencer (DJ SPEN) about Hip Hop, House, Gospel and his new track “Love Sensation“.

 Growing up in Baltimore Sean started spinning in the early 1980’s at age 13. By the time he was twenty, Sean had already been in several groups, released a few albums and recorded the original version of the hit ” Girl You Know it’s True“. He currently owns several record labels including Spiritually Sound and Quantize. Look for my full interview with Sean in Mobile Beat Magazine and check out his new track here:


Next month look for my interview with rising pop star Genesis Jones.

Her recent hit ” With or Without You“(produced by DJ Snake) broke the top twenty on the Billboard Dance Chart this year. I spent the day in Manhattan on the video set for her latest track “Wanna Love You Bad “(dropping this fall). In our interview Genesis opens up about her music, her faith and where to find the best french fries in the world.

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