DJ SEO Tip: Your Personal Brand Matters

April 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

Growing Your Personal Brand Is Needed For Higher Rankings

Growing your DJ business brand is a no brainer for many owners.  Marketing your DJ business through pay-per-click advertising, podcasts, social media, wedding industry websites, radio commercials, wedding shows and more are common ways to generate leads and ultimately new business.  But what about your personal brand? Does Google really care about you as a person and others that represent your company? YES!

Your Personal Brand Matters

Be An Expert

When Google crawls your website and all other websites on the Internet, it is judging the authority and trust of the content.  One of the ranking factors in authority is just how much of an expert you are in your target industry and as a DJ. Google is looking at your about page to see if you have the right to be classified as an expert.  Google is looking at your blog author profile to see if you have experience in the article topic. Google is also looking at where you are personally mentioned on sites Google trusts. How can you show Google you are an expert and authoritative?

Create An Authoritative About the Author Section on Your Blog

The about the author section on a blog is typically about 4 or 5 sentences.  But, you need to make those sentences count. Writing articles about school dances and the hot new school dance songs?  Your about the author section should feature how many years experience you have been DJ’n school dances. The author section should also feature how many school dances you have performed and a list of a few schools dances you recently performed.  I would also recommend linking to a school promotional video on youtube. If you have been referenced on any school websites or published articles on trusted websites about school dances on authoritative websites like Forbes, Mobile Beat or local news stations, be sure to include the reference!

What does your about the author section say about you?

About Author NOT Completed

About Author NOT Completed


Authoritative About Author

Authoritative About Author


Now that your author section is optimized, what next?

Create An Authoritative About Us Page About You

The about us page is one of the most important pages on your website.  Google is looking for pages that tell the story of the people behind the website.  Why should Google trust the information on the website? Yes, your website is a business, but the people matter just as much as the business as a whole if Google is to trust your website.

The about us page should feature any accolades and awards you have received.  Receive a DJ of the year award, an award for top performance at a Toastmasters event, or receive an award from a local charity?  The about us page is the place to showcase your achievements.

If you are active in the local community such as meetups and charities, be sure to describe your affiliation and what you have done to contribute.  I know, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. This is neither. You are just informing your readers about how you have been active in the community.  Not only will you increase Google’s trust in you but also may create a connection with your potential customer to get a lead.

Are you a member of any DJ associations, or wedding organizations, or a member of any local chambers?  Be sure to list all organizations you are an active member of and tell why you are a member and any positions held.

Be An Authority By Sharing In-Depth Articles

Do you want to be seen as an authority of Quinceaneras?  Write in-depth articles on your website about the history of Quinceaneras and how they have changed over the years.  Want to be seen as an authority on Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs? Write about them in-depth and what songs should be played throughout the event.  The idea is that a single page about how you DJ specific events does not make you an authority on the subject. Start thinking like an expert on the subject and share your knowledge.

Next, get published on other authoritative websites.  One great opportunity is the service HARO (Help A Reporter Out).  Reporters are always looking for experts in a specific field to help them write articles that they may not have experience in.

If possible, offer authoritative articles to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the like by creating relationships with journalists and editors.  Getting referenced on such websites will help you grow your personal brand and your trust.  Keep in mind that a link is not required. Google is now smart enough to know who you are by your name and business name.  If you wish, to help guide Google to your article posted on other websites (like magazines and newspapers), you can always link to the article on your about us page!

In conclusion, build your personal brand as it will help build your business’ brand.

  • -Expand your about us page
  • -Expand your blog author section
  • -Get referenced in articles on authoritative websites

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