DJ SEO Tip: Like Trust Emotion – What Your Website Needs For Leads

February 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

When speaking to DJs around the country, the one topic that always comes up is how to grow your businesses through marketing.  We are always looking for quick and easy ways to get more sales.  If you are looking for a quick and easy plan to grow your business, I would suggest starting with your website.  No, you do not need to redesign your website! Let me say again, don’t spend the time and money redesigning your website.  Instead, spend time optimizing your website to generate more leads.  When analyzing your website, there are three factors to start with:

  • Number 1 – people buy from who they like.
  • Number 2 – people buy from who they trust.
  • Number 3 – people buy on emotion.

So, how can you get people to like you while looking at your website?  The answer is your About Us page.  Your About Us page should feature your personal story and WHY you do what you do.  Tell your visitors which charities you are involved with and why. Showcase pictures of you, your family, pets, and hobbies.  Talk about what interests you while not at work. This will help to make a connection with your potential customers. People buy from people, not from a business.  Showcase the people behind the company and tell their stories. Leave the industry jargon and sales pitches for other pages.

The About Us page should also have what I call digestible content.  There should be plenty of white space, making it easily skimmable and feature pictures of you and your team.

Check out this about us page.  It is an awesome example of getting potential customers to like you.

Example of a DJ profile on the About Us page to build trust and make a connection with potential customers.


Next. trust can be built on your website through more ways than just reviews.  Yes, reviews help gain significant trust.  But, if you have reviews, be sure to show more than 7 to make them believable.  

Trust can be built by displaying logos of your association memberships such as the Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and wedding associations.  You should also include links to your wedding industry profiles on sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire. Industry-specific associations are important too.  These could include the A.D.J.A., American Disc Jockey Association, and N.A.M.E., National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

Another missed opportunity in gaining trust from your potential customers is on your contact page.  This is a big pet peeve of mine – Would you hire a business that only has a contact form? I always look to see where the business is located and if they have a local phone number.  Having a physical business address on your contact page gives your business a true headquarters and roots to the area.

Example of contact form on contact page. Don’t forget your phone number and address.

Also on the contact page, what is the business email you show?  Do you have a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email? These emails are great for personal use.  However, this is a big missed opportunity in trusting if you are a fly by night business.  Which email would you trust more – -or-

Lastly, let’s talk about emotion – a natural instinctive state of mind.  Why do you think candy and gum at grocery stores are near checkout? EMOTION.  It’s because they are impulse buys and are extremely easy to add to your cart.  The same should be said for your website. Make it easy for customers to contact you on EVERY page of your website.  Show your phone number prominently and legibly at or near the top of every page. Have a “Book Now” or “Schedule an Appointment” button or link prominently on every page without having to scroll down.

Example of a contact form placed on every page to make it easy for visitors to contact the DJ.

Another big factor in emotion is how fast your website loads.  If any page on your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, potential customers are not even waiting around to see what you have to offer because they have already hit the Back button!  Speed is important on every page not just your homepage. My site has more than 1,000 pages and our home page is not in the top 20 most visited pages.

Emotion plays a big role in planning a wedding.  Couples are envisioning the perfect event. Your website should not be all about you.  Your potential customers care most about themselves. As a result, your website should always lead with a benefit they will get in hiring you.  Will they have a fun time? Will they have a romantic atmosphere? Will the dance floor be full all night long? Potential customers don’t care if you offer great customer service because they expect it!  They care if their family and friends will enjoy the food and cake and if guests will have a good time.

Remember, people buy from who they like and trust based on emotion.  Look at your website and would you buy from you?

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