DJ SEO Tip: Keywords Are The Key To Your Success

August 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

As often has been said, for a brick and mortar store, the three most important aspects of the business that will determine its success are location, location, and location.  For an online business, we could say that the most important aspects of your business to achieve success in search are Keywords, Keywords, and Keywords.  The words you use on your website will determine what you will potentially rank for in search results.

As a business owner, you need to know what phrases people are already searching on Google to find your business.  The quickest way to know this is by combining your Google Search Console account and Google Analytics accounts.  You can create a Google Search Console account here.  If you have not done so already, also please create a Google Analytics account – read this article on how to create a Google Analytics accountBe sure to connect your Google Search Console account to your Google Analytics account in the Google Search Console (GSC) settings.

Your GSC account will show you Search Analytics under the Search Traffic menu category:

  • * Keyword impressions (How many times a searcher saw one of your website pages in a Google organic search result.)
  • * Total clicks (How many times a searcher saw one of your website pages in a Google organic search result and clicked on it and taken to your website.)
  • * Average click-through rate (Calculated as the number of times a person saw your website in organic search results divided by the number of clicks to your website – the higher the better)
  • * Average position in search (There are 10 positions per page of search results. You want to be in the top 3 search results but at a minimum first page.)

Google Search Console Search Analytics

As you can see above, you will get a list in GSC of your current most important keywords already showing in Google search results pages.  From the list, you can click on the keyword phrases and learn which specific pages rank for the keyword phrase clicked.  Then, you can try and optimize the page to increase the average search position and ultimately get more clicks to your website.

When optimizing a page on your website, you need to do so for phrases that people are actually searching.  If you are a Phoenix Wedding DJ, what are some of the keyword phrases that people may use to find you on Google?

  • * Phoenix wedding dj
  • * wedding dj
  • * phoenix dj
  • * phoenix wedding dj near me

Ultimately, we are only able to assemble a list of phrases we assume are good.  This is when you need to utilize Google Keyword Planner inside Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords).  Yes, you will need to provide your credit card to create an account.  Google is also considering only offering this tool to businesses that spend money, but for now this is not a requirement.  You can create a Google Ads account here.

Once inside Google Ads, go to the Keyword Planner under Tools > Planning.

keyword planner tools

Next, we selected “Find Keywords”.  the bummer is that you can now only enter 3 phrases:

find keywords

Then, you will get a list of keywords being searched on Google.  The great part about the list is not only the ideas of words to use on your website but also the amount of competition and the average number of the monthly search range.  Don’t forget to click on Plan Overview in the menu and select your DJ area as a target location.

keyword planner ideas

Last, we would like to challenge you to answer questions being asked by your customers.  Yes, you already know the common questions being asked.  Turn those questions into pages or blog posts on your website.  Be a resource!  But what about all the questions you have not thought of or can’t remember?  Check out the website Answer The Public.  You will get MANY questions commonly asked that you can target as a topic on your website.  You will get questions, prepositions, and comparisons.  Awesome for content ideas!

answer the public

In conclusion, don’t create content just because you heard that it was a good idea for getting traffic.  Create content that is being searched for by your potential clients.  It bears repeating:  Be a resource!  Use your targeted keyword phrase in your page title, page description, heading tags and the body of your content.  However, don’t go overboard and make sure the content writing is natural and for your readers.

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