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June 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

What exactly are search results?

For reference in this article, we chose to refer to Google only as more than 67% of all search engine searches are made on the Google website.  When you search on Google, search results are what information shows on the page upon completing a keyword search.

What exactly is some of the information shown on a search results page?

Local Search Results

We searched on Google for “Las Vegas DJs”.  Here is a screenshot of local search results, aka local 3-pack, with the locations in Google Maps.

Local 3-pack search results

Businesses that are listed in the Local 3-Pack include businesses found in your previous searches, Google shows listings based upon your previous search activity.  It also depends on how physically close you are to the business.  Google will also rotate the businesses listed. Therefore, there is no exact science to be in the local 3-pack.  

However, you can increase your chance of being in the local pack.  Tips to consider are:

  • * Add structured data to your website.  Structured data is information about a page and classifying the page content.  For more information about structured data, read this introduction to structured data.
  • * Write content with the location of your business emphasized on the page or post.
  • * Create local business citations across the Internet.  Read this article for the top 50 local citations to create your listings.
  • * Write articles about area activities.
  • * Complete your Google My Business profile (more information below).
  • * Get and respond to reviews.
  • * Have a mobile-friendly website.

Knowledge Panel

The Knowledge Panel is what Google knows about your business pulled from multiple sources in a box to the right of search results.  Here is an example of a lack of a Knowledge Graph:

Google search with no Knowledge Panel

Here is an example of a DJ company who has taken the time to create a Google My Business profile and improve their brand presence online:

Google search with Knowledge Panel

What is interesting about the panel is the information included in it.  When completing your Google My Business profile:

  • * Correct business name (as found on your business license exactly)
  • * Correct address (that matches your Google Maps address exactly)
  • * Correct phone number (local number recommended)
  • * Correct business hours
  • * Company description
  • * Add photos
  • * Add videos
  • * Create posts and keep them current

Be sure to complete as much information as possible in your Google My Business profile.  Take your time and do not duplicate your description as the same on other websites. Follow this link to create a Google My Business profile.

Also, get current industry-related reviews on review platforms like Google Maps, Wedding Wire, The Knot, Yellow Pages, and Yelp.

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads come before organic search results.  Let’s be honest, Google is a for-profit business and paid ads will come first.  You can pay to be at the top of Google search results by using Google Adwords.  Use the same guidelines below for organic title and description creation to your Google ads!  Here is an example of ads for the search “wedding photographers”:

Google search results paid ads

Organic Search Results

Even though paid results come first, searchers over the years have become “blind” to ads.  This article suggests that 94% of search clicks still go to organic search results.  Here is an example of organic search results for “Las Vegas wedding djs”:

Organic search results for wedding DJs

What stands out?  Notice the number of directory websites in the top search results.  In position 7, you will see Thumbtack. In case you didn’t know, Thumbtack is owned by Google.  Get listed on Thumbtack. You will also see wedding related directories such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, and GigMasters.  Also, notice Yelp in position 2! Go create and optimize your Yelp listing with all correct business information (see above) and lots of great pictures and videos.  

Now that you know that only 2 of the top 7 organic search results are actual DJ businesses, what do you think would make your listing stand out or rank higher?

Business Listing Optimization

The 2 local DJ businesses have “wedding dj” included in their URL.  The URL is the address of a World Wide Web page.  Example is and  (The top one also has Las Vegas! Both have Las Vegas in their page title and one has wedding in the title.

Next, Google will list page titles, descriptions and URLs in all search results.  There are 3 bits of content I recommend including in every page title and description if at all possible:

  • * Keyword Phrase
  • * Call To Action
  • * Benefit of your service

Here is an up-close look at the highest ranking local DJ listing for “Las Vegas wedding DJ” in organic search results:


First, for clarification the page title, or title tag, is the main text that describes a web page.  The page description is a meta description tag in HTML used to summarize a web page’s content

Question – Would you click on the listing or pass to the next?  What if the title was something that included all 3 of our ingredients above?  Something like:

Las Vegas Wedding DJ – Call For Fun and Romance

The best number of characters for a page title is between 50-60.  The same goes for a page description in trying to incorporate a keyword phrase, benefit, and call to action.  Best character count for a page description is 155. If longer, the description will only be truncated and not seen by the searcher.

How do you write a perfect page description?  Lots of practice and testing. Example starting point:

Las Vegas wedding DJ known for filling dance floors with fun and creates romantic music moments for bridal couples.  Check your wedding date availability.

Position Zero – Featured Snippet

The featured snippet simply answers a common question.  If you create content on your DJ website that answers searchers’ common questions, you can rank in Google in position zero (located above all paid and organic search results.  Here is an example of a featured snippet for the search “history of first dance”.

DJ Featured snippet example

As Steve Jobs believed, give 100% in everything you offer your customer.  Even though your business may be listed in lower positions on page one of search results, that doesn’t mean you can’t get clicks to your business website.  If your listing is better than the ones above you, you may even get a higher click-through rate; which could move you up in search rankings over time as Google sees you getting more search clicks.

Takeaway: I challenge you to

  • * Optimize your page titles, page descriptions,
  • * Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing
  • * Create content that answers your customers’ questions!

Learn More

Page title tags!  Read this article on Title Tags by Moz.

Page descriptions!  Read this article on Meta Descriptions by Moz.

Create your own structured data markup with this tool.

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