DJ SEO Tip: 10 SEO and Marketing Blogs To Follow For Business Growth

October 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

As has always been said, time is money.  Our time is precious and something we can never get back.  This is why we need to spend our time wisely. As DJ business owners, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing are ever changing and you need to stay on top of the trends. Whether you conduct website optimization yourself or outsource, you need to know what is working for others that you could apply to your own business.

Because there is only so much time in a day, below is a list of 10 of my favorite blogs about SEO and marketing.  One of the main factors the blogs were selected is that each of them offers a newsletter or feed highlighting the posts for easy review for interest.

top seo marketing blogs

SEO & Marketing Blogs


SparkToro is authored by Rand Fishkin.  Rand is the co-founder of Moz, an authority offering search engine optimization tools.  Not only does Rand offer insight into SEO, but he offers insights as an entrepreneur and marketing professional.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is an online publisher of the latest marketing trends, search engine happenings, PPC and more.  SEW also offers commentary on how to enhance your marketing strategy.

Ezoic Blog

Ezoic is an AI advertising network.  Probably not what you would expect on our list.  However, I love their 5 Bullet Friday emails. The newsletter gives a dose of what’s happening in the industry and website optimization tips.

Alexa Blog

Alexa offers website marketing software.  In addition, Alexa is owned by Amazon. Not only does the Alexa blog offer SEO insights, but also features topics on content creation, online marketing, website optimization, analyzing your website tips, and creating a competitive strategy.

Moz Whiteboard Friday Blog Category

If consuming information via video is your thing, you will be pleasantly surprised with Moz’s Whiteboard Friday video blog series.  I love the fact that it is only once a week and delivered when I am winding down from a week’s worth of work and thinking about the weekend. The videos offer great website tips to ranking higher in search results from a myriad of speakers.

Barry Schwartz’s Youtube Channel @RustyBrick

Barry is the founder of Search Engine Roundtable offering search engine marketing tips. SER is a great source for SEO/SEM industry updates.  Barry is seen as one of the premier SEO experts and I do not know when he sleeps between his blogging and the Friday video updates. I love the Friday recap videos for a glimpse as to what’s going on in the industry and Google.

Marketing Insider Group

I look forward to their daily email updates of about 3 new blog posts offering insight into digital marketing strategies, content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media.  Definitely, a newsletter to follow.

Chatmeter Blog

Yes, Chatmeter is a paid software.  However, kudos for their blog as it has some extremely thorough articles detailing insights into digital marketing and some of the latest updates in search rankings locally and worldwide.  Be sure to take a look at past articles.

Search Engine Journal

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and how to improve your online presence, SEJ is a must follow.  Their daily email updates can be scanned in a few seconds to determine which articles you need to investigate further.  

Moz Blog

Last but not least, Moz has been a mainstay as a thought leader in the SEO community.  Moz offers a plethora of blog topics for the SEO beginner, content writer, business owner and everybody else trying to be successful online.  Try not to be overwhelmed with the amount of information and just learn a little at a time. The point is that you are moving forward.

Do you have a favorite SEO or marketing blog not on my list?  Be sure to mention it below to give credit and I can follow too!

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