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September 7, 2016 by Rob Ferre

T he new school year is quickly arriving and that means you have many opportunities to take advantage of events that come your way. For high schools, it’s a shoe-in for homecoming or tailgate parties, but are you looking to do even more school events? I suggest looking into elementary schools. I have often advised DJs to start marketing and looking to PTAs, PTOs, or principals of schools to see what events they are hosting.173-10-11

Here are a few of the different types of events schools are ramping up for in the fall:

Fall Carnivals. Sometimes these events go by different names—back-to-school night, fall carnival, family night— but they are all the same. These are great events at which to showcase your fun DJ skills, games, and interactive dances. Look to the principal or PTA to book this event.

Back-to-School Night. Schools often have orientation events in the evening for the parents of their students. They will go over school procedures, schedules and policy. Parents may bring their kids but they can’t be in the meeting due the distrac- tion of kids running around. So you provide them a solution such as a dance party in the gym or on the field while the orientation is going.

Fund Raisers. From Fun Runs to Silent Auction nights, I have DJ’d a variety of fund raisers for schools. As a DJ you can offer them a solution they didn’t even know they needed. Often times these events are hosted by the PTA and they want to save money by trying to do it themselves; but many DIY events fall flat. That’s where we come in.

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