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May 19, 2017 by Dayna Solomon

Brush your teeth before you go to bed…Stretch after turning off the alarm clock…Dance like nobody is watching to your fav jam to get a recharging afternoon boost…All of these are simple routines or rituals that are a part of our human nature of habit.

Imagine you are someone like swimmer Michael Phelps, the record holder for Olympic gold medals, as well as medals overall. What do you think his daily routines look like? In his book, No Limits: The Will To Succeed, Phelps describes the comprehensive routine he follows during the two hours leading up to every race. Besides a precise series of stretching and loosening up, he followed the following routine for the ten minutes before the race began: 1) Phelps would walk to the ready room. 2) He’d find a seat alone, with both sides of him clear for his goggles on one side and his towel on the other. 3) When his race was called, he would walk to the blocks. 4) There he would first do a straight-leg stretch and then with a bent knee. Left leg first every time. 5) Then the right earbud would be pulled out followed by the left earbud when his name was called. 6) He would always dry the block and step up on it from the left side. 7) Once standing on the block, he would stand and flap his arms in a way so that his hands hit his back.

Does this sound strange or excessive. Well, Phelps has the 28 medals (23 golds) to prove the effectiveness of his particular ritual.

So what about us, as DJs and owners of mobile DJ business- es? What routines do we follow to get us through the daily or weekly grind, as well as on the day of an event to get our mindset right—to help us keep crushing our A-game as entertainers?

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Dayna Solomon is a DJ + MC based in Columbus, Ohio and travels nationally, adding shine and good vibes with her music mixology for over 15 years! Her natural talent to entertain has allowed her to work for some incredible companies and individuals in the corporate, cruise ship, nightlife, and fashion worlds, as well as providing a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience at weddings. When she’s not behind the decks or on the mic, Dayna loves to crush it at the gym, dance, and drink americanos…but not simultaneously.

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