DJ Price Quotes: A Guide for Brides

June 8, 2019 by Matt Martindale

You’re engaged. That’s great! So how much does a DJ charge? Well, it depends on you and your vision. It’s a lot like calling the doctor with a stomach ache. It could be a muscle strain, cramps, the stomach flu, serious appendicitis, or just a bad burrito. The treatment and prognosis is based on the process of a thorough diagnosis (discovery). It’s the same with your wedding. It takes time and effort to determine your vision for an accurate price quote according to that vision. Your wedding will (and should be) different than anyone else’s. (Unless you want your wedding to be “treated” with a “one cure for all” remedy above like some quack doctor might use. Yikes!)

There are 24, yes 24, pieces of critical information that a competent and experienced DJ will need in order to provide an accurate price quote…but, before I get to those, let’s briefly explore the “bridal inquiry dance” from the DJ’s perspective.

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