DJ PPC Tip: How To Create A Google Ads Search Campaign Part II

November 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

Setting up your Google Ads campaigns correctly could determine your success or failure.  In part 1, I discussed the initial setup settings for Google Ads campaigns.  Now, you will learn the structure of campaigns and ad groups,

Each Google Ads campaign has its own budget.  So, if you wish to spend $50 per day, then your campaign budget should be set at $50 per day.  If you have a campaign for lighting and another campaign for wedding DJ, then you can distribute your $50 per day budget to get the best return on investment such as $35 for wedding DJ and $15 for lighting.  You also have the option to have a shared budget between campaigns.  If you want to spend your budget on both lighting and wedding DJ searches to maximize orders, then, you can have 1 campaign and 2 ad groups for lighting and wedding DJ.

When arranging your campaigns, you want to target specific ad platforms.  For example, if you want to target remarketing display ads, Google search ads and call-only ads, it is best to put them in their own campaigns.  However, if you are just getting started, I would suggest starting with Google Search campaigns only.

When creating your ad groups. consider setting them up the same way your main menu is on your website.  If you have sections on your website for Wedding DJ, School DJ, Corporate DJ, Lighting, Photobooth, and Private Parties, then that is how a single campaign should be broken up into ad groups.  Each major service you offer should be in its own ad group.

Campaign Ad Group Keyword Phrase Example Note
Business Name XYZ Entertainment “XYZ Entertainment” Campaign targeting your own brand searches as they will have the highest conversion rate.
Wedding DJ Wedding DJ “wedding dj” A targeted campaign to maximize the budget for key service.
Services Wedding DJ “wedding dj” If no targeted campaign for wedding DJ searches.
Services School DJ “school dj”
Services Uplighting “uplighting rental”
Services Party DJ “private party dj”
Services Corporate DJ “corporate dj”
Services Photobooth “rent photobooth”

As stated above, if your primary business is for weddings, you should break off wedding DJ searches into its own campaign to maximize the budge for your targeted niche.  You do this so that other less important services do not take budget away from your main service.  The same goes for your business name.  Searches for your business name will be the highest converting into real customers.  Thus, your own business name should be in its own campaign so that you fully maximize the spend for searches on your business name.

Now that your services are in their own ad group, it is best to add targeted keywords in your ad groups as negative phrases in your other ad groups.  This means that “school” would be a negative keyword in the other ad groups NOT targeting schools.  This will help to laser focus your ad groups.  Now that your ad groups are set-up, go back and read our article about adding keyword types.

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