DJ PPC Tip: How To Create A Google Ads Search Campaign Part I

October 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

As the saying goes, “Don’t put the cart before the horse”.  That being said, the first step to start your process of running ads in Google search is to create an Ads campaign.  However, I did not want you to create an ads campaign and think you would be instantly getting leads.  Yes, you can waste lots of money before finding the magic formula.

This is why I started with tips on the types of keyword match types to target and how to find and add negative keywords to your Google Ads account.  Now that you have these tools in your ads toolbelt, let’s start the process of how to create a Google Ads search campaign – specific for DJs.

In order to start the process, you must already have a Google Ads account with your credit card information entered.  Next, log in to your account and go to campaigns.  Then, click on the big plus (+) button to create a new campaign as this screenshot shows.

create new google ads campaign


Hopefully, whoever created your website, also created goals in your Google Analytics account to track phone calls on your website and form submissions.  Tracking conversions are essential in knowing if your Google Ads are producing a positive return on investment.  For the non-tech savvy wanting to track phone calls and form submissions generated on your website, check out the software Call Rail.  They make it easy and are extremely reasonably priced.

If you are tracking your website leads, when creating your ads campaign, select the Leads goal.  If not, select the website traffic goal.  No matter the goal, the campaign type is Search.  Lastly, you will enter your company website URL – “”.

Google Ads goals type


Now it’s time to name your campaign.  I always recommend describing your campaign in the name.  If you selected leads as a goal source, the campaign name could be “Search Campaign Leads”.  If you selected website traffic as a goal, your campaign name could be “Search Campaign Website Visitors”.  Then, uncheck the Display Network as you want to keep display ad and search ad campaigns separate.  I would also recommend unchecking the “include Google Search partners” Search Network – as seen below with a blue checkmark.  This will help prevent wasted clicks at the beginning of your active campaign.  You can always go back to settings and choose to show on search partners as campaigns are optimized.

Google Ads Network

After the networks section is updated to your liking, where your ads are shown is EXTREMELY important.  You only want to show ads where your customers are or are interested in.  First, click on the “Advanced search” link.

ad locations



The best part for the target location is the radius feature.  Typically, DJs will work within a radius of their headquarters.  This is better than saying I cover all of New Jersey State and all of New York State.  Some locations may take you 10 or more hours to get to and you may not want to travel that far.  You also don’t want to target all of the United States unless you have a VERY large budget.

In the advanced search location feature, enter your headquarters city with the mile radius you will travel; 50 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles.  Here is a screenshot of a 50-mile radius around Las Vegas.

Google Ads location radius

After you have saved your targeted location, next you need to review the target.  If you are in a city known for destination weddings, I would suggest choosing the “People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations (recommended)”.  If your target location is NOT known for destination weddings, I would suggest choosing “People in or regularly in your targeted locations”.  See above screenshot for reference.

Do you have multi-lingual DJs on staff?  Do you speak more than one language?  You may be tempted to select other languages.  However, I would challenge you to create language-specific campaigns.  This way, you can select the Spanish language with Spanish language ads and Spanish language landing pages.  Google looks at the user’s browser settings to determine their preferred language.  If the user’s preferred language is French and you have DJs that speak fluent French, then you can have ads and landing pages in the French language.  This creates a better user experience.

The next choice is the audiences.  Because you are just getting started, just leave as is.  The budget is self-explanatory.  However, I don’t recommend less than $5/day in order to get enough data to make educated marketing decisions.

Your bidding objective is based on your campaign goal.  If your goal is leads, then your bidding objective should be conversions.  If your goal is website visitors, then your bidding objective should be clicks.

As you scroll to the next section, click on “Show more settings” link.  Doing so will show the Ad schedule settings.  This is important as you want to respond to potential customers as quickly as possible.  As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”.  If you know you will answer the phone between 8 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday, set your ad schedule for those times.  If Sundays are family only days, then don’t run ads on Sundays.  I have never seen running ads 24/7 7 days a week be beneficial for any business unless you are an online eCommerce business.  Start with regular hours and you can always add hours down the road if you are not spending your whole marketing budget.  Lastly, pay attention to time zones when selecting times!

ad schedule


The final general settings to complete are the Ad Extensions.  Yes, you must complete these as they will help performance.  The minimum Ad Extensions:

  • Location extension if you don’t have a home-based business location.
  • Call extension so you can get calls to your cellphone when ads are running and close the sale immediately.
  • Sitelink extensions – provide links to your main website section pages like Wedding DJ, School DJ, Uplighting, Photobooth, etc.
  • Callout extensions – give people a reason to click your ad with short callouts like:
    • Officially Licensed
    • Trusted By Couples For 30 Years
    • 50 Five-Star Reviews
    • 1,500 Weddings Performed
  • Promotion extension – if you have a special you can add to your ads, it is a great way to capture attention.  Below is a screenshot of a promotion extension and the ad preview.

promotion extension

promotion headline preview

I am sure your head is spinning if you have never created a Google Ads campaign before today.  You have a month to play around with the general settings of your Ads campaign.  Next month, I will continue with the settings and provide information on how to create Ad Groups.

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