DJ Music Management using Dropbox

June 13, 2017 by Dave Ternier

Still using USB drives to update new music onto your DJ performance computers? Or maybe you are using a special program to sync multiple hard drives at once? Nothing compares to the ease of use that Dropbox gives mobile DJs to manage their music library across multiple computers. Imagine being able to add music to any one of your computers, without having to remember which computer you added that music to and which ones still require being synced. Dropbox takes care of all of that… and so much more!

Ritchie Rich, owner/operator of Big And Rich DJ in Sudbury, Ontario, reached out to me recently, asking how I use Dropbox to manage my music library. I’d recently brought up the topic on a CPDJA Canada Wide DJ Call (an open format, group video call, open to any Canadian DJ) and Ritchie was intrigued, wanting to know a little more. What follows is the conversation Ritchie & I had about how I use Dropbox to manage my music files.

Video Notes & Links:

1:00 Introduction
1:35 Step 1 for using Dropbox
3:34 Seamless workflow (non-music mention)
5:41 Better Rename file renaming software
8:50 Using selective sync
12:00 Cost of using Dropbox
15:21 Benefit for multi-system DJ companies
16:33 This isn’t like streaming music
17:21 Side benefit for wedding DJs (of many not mentioned)
19:10 Note for Serato DJ users

Canadian DJs might be wondering how this impacts the legality around CONNECT Music Licensing. I am not an authority on CONNECT, nor do I provide legal advice on how you should manage the licensing of your music hard drives. How I manage the licensing scenario for my purpose though, is as follows. I have my music library in four (4) places: 2 MacBook laptops, 1 iMac desktop, 1 Dropbox account (in the “cloud”). I have two (2) licenses from CONNECT to cover my two laptop computers. By my understanding of the CONNECT terms of use, for each licensed hard drive, a DJ is allowed to have one other duplicate copy of that music for backup purposes. In my case, those two backups are my desktop computer and the copy of files that exist in my Dropbox account (in the “cloud”). Much to the chagrin of many DJs, I do encourage Canadian DJs to participate in the CONNECT Music Licensing program, but I won’t debate the topic any further then I did here.

If you don’t already use Dropbox for this purpose, I hope this system of managing your music is helpful to you. Go ahead, retire your thumb drive… they’re so 2015… 😉

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