DJ Mix Tips: DJ Intro/Outro Edits

July 12, 2017 by Eric Rhodes

In my previous post, I described the importance of counting beats and how to match two songs together. One thing I didn’t mention is how difficult it can be to find songs in the pop and classic hits genres that have 4 or 8 bar intros. Take a listen to Calvin Harris “This Is What You Came For” on Spotify. It immediately starts with Rihanna’s vocal. A talented DJ can creatively mix that in, but will likely have to wait until the previous song doesn’t have a vocal. That’s just one example, but there are plenty more. That’s why DJs and record pool companies have created DJ edits. There are different types of DJ edits, but today I’ll just describe the intro & outros.

Intro & Outro Edits

An intro edit is usually a 32 beat (8-bar) phrase introduction to a song. The remixers typically find a breakbeat in the song and loop it so that the DJ has a longer beat to work with when mixing two tracks together. These are helpful, because you can time out your mixes more easily.

An outro edit is basically the same thing just at the end of a song. Outro edits are great for bringing in new vocals or different sounds without suddenly losing the spirit of the song you’re mixing out of. It basically prevents the song from cutting out suddenly at the end. It’s like a smooth landing as opposed to an abrupt stop.

Another benefit of these edits is it allows the DJ or MC to make announcements. You never want to speak to the guests when there is a vocal playing. Having these intros/outros gives you an opportunity to hype up the crowd or make a last call announcement without sounding like a train wreck over the music.

Where To Find The Edits

There are different record pools where you can find intro and outro edits. Promo Only, Direct Music Service, Club Killers and DJ City, to name a few, all provide songs with those edits. What are record pools? Record pools are subscription based music services. Every pool is a little different, but they basically give DJs an opportunity to discover new music, find different versions of popular songs and build up their library with hits from the past.

Stay tuned for my future posts where I’ll dive deeper into these pools to give you a better understanding of what each one is all about…

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