DJ Like a Boxer Dog

September 7, 2017 by Bernie Lehman

I realize that is a really weird title for a DJ blog.  You see, I am an owner of a two year old American Boxer named Molly.  One of my favorite things to do in the evenings is to watch her run around the back yard.  As I watched her over the past few nights I realized that we all should be more like Boxers, in our lives, and as we DJ.  You see Boxers have amazing personalities and display the attributes we all should.  They don’t mind digging in and getting their paws dirty and they can’t help but wiggle their butts.  So why wouldn’t we be more like them?

Molly was prancing around and all of a sudden stopped in a spot I had seen her frequent many times before.  This was her favorite spot, it’s the spot where she buries all of her bones.  Once again she started digging, getting her paws completely dirty as she dug deeper and deeper to find her bone.  You see she had spent several minutes a couple of days ago digging that hole to just the right size.  Now she’s back, working hard to retrieve it.  When she had dug deep enough she quickly grabbed it up in her mouth and strutted around the yard proudly displaying her prize.  Had she stopped a few inches before, she would not have been able to enjoy the gloriousness of that bone.

Many of us work hard and we feel we work hard enough for long enough, yet we stop just short of success.  We miss out on the gloriousness of the prize we set before us as a goal, just because a little dirt and hard work gets in our way.  Let’s jump in there and get our paws dirty so we too can strut around the yard with our prized bone.

Another goofy thing that you’ll find with all Boxers, and that I have found especially with Molly, is that when I walk in the door she can’t help but wiggle her butt.  She’s so happy that I have returned, even if it was just for 30 seconds as I was taking out the trash, I will be greeted by a happy and wiggly rear end.  It’s not only the wiggle butt from her that creates her goofy personality, I have seen her jump, using the six foot privacy fence as a partial launch pad, over 7 feet in the air just to say “hi” to our neighbor.  She has never ending energy, enough to propel her, like Super Pup, into the air leaping tall fences.

Why can’t we as humans, and especially DJ’s, be more like that?  When we meet our clients, which is also the crowd that we DJ for, we need to be essentially wiggling our butts, being happy to greet them.  We’re also performers, so we need to provide the energy to get the crowd jumping.  The DJ is there to provide them that energy, and they will return the energy back to the DJ by keeping the floor packed and lastly by the glowing reviews.

So get out there and use the personality of a Boxer.  I’m sure you’ll be able to strut around basking in the glory of getting your prize.

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