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August 17, 2010 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Over the past 8 years, DJ Intelligence has traveled to over two dozen national tradeshows and met literally thousands of DJs in person. One of the most popular questions we are asked is “How did DJ Intelligence get started?” In case your future travel plans do not include a trip to a national trade show, here’s the story behind the service that has forever transformed the DJ industry.

The first version of the DJ Intelligence software was actually developed in 1998 by one of Chicago’s largest and most respected DJ entertainment companies. Many are surprised to learn that the code itself was written by DJs, not programmers or engineers. Who better to understand the true needs of a mobile DJ than a group of seasoned DJs with decades of experience entertaining at weddings and parties?

The original version of the software was an immediate success. Clients loved the ability to book and plan their event online, especially the ability to make a request list. At the time, most DJs were still mailing out hard copies of their music list. The ability to search a music library online and make requests in real time was cutting edge. Clients were amazed and prospective clients were impressed. Business prospered!

Over the years, the Chicago DJ company was inundated with emails and phone calls from other DJ companies, sometimes three or four a week, asking if they would be willing to sell the software. Of course the answer was always “not at this time” because the DJ company was enjoying an unmatched competitive advantage. But finally in late 2001, after the volume of requests became overwhelming, the decision was made to offer the software to the general public.

In the months that followed, the software was re-developed from the ground up to offer greater flexibility for the unique needs of different types of DJ companies. In early 2002, the new version was complete and ready for launch. Few recall that the original name of the software was Music Intelligence because most of the early features were designed around the music tools. But within a few short months Music Intelligence expanded to become DJ Intelligence, a name that today is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

By early 2003 the co-founders and co-developers of DJ Intelligence decided it was time to sell the DJ business so they could focus their efforts on DJ Intelligence. Owning one of Chicago’s largest DJ companies, they did not feel it was appropriate and was a conflict of interest to be offering a service to DJs who in many cases were their local competitors. The business was quickly sold and these entertainers permanently changed their resume from “DJ” to “former DJ.” The Chicago DJ company continues to operate to date under its new ownership.

Over the years DJ Intelligence has grown beyond expectations. Today DJ Intelligence services thousands of DJs in two dozen countries worldwide. But one thing has never changed: DJ Intelligence is by DJs, for DJs. Only today, the community of contributing DJs is far larger than it was in 2002. DJ Intelligence’s full time staff consists of former DJs, entertainers, and professional service providers with decades of experience in the weddings & special events industries. Improvements and enhancements to the software come directly from the ideas that are submitted from professional DJs who use DJ Intelligence.

DJ Intelligence is your software and we are committed to developing new features and tools that better fit the needs of your company. We’re one of the few services in this industry to offer live 24×7 support from a team of professionals who not only understand the software, but also understand your business. And while the past has certainly been exciting, the future holds even greater promise. Some major upgrades and improvements are currently in development, based purely on your ideas and suggestions. We’re glad to have you along for the ride!

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