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May 8, 2011 by Mobile Beat



In 2010, Mobile Beat began a partnership to create a unique, definitive series of educational tools for mobile DJs of all skill levels, entitled DJ Crash Course. Ryan Burger of Publisher of Moble Beat recently sat down with his partner on the project, executive producer, writer and host, Josh Yawn, to find out what makes him tick.

Ryan Burger: Josh, tell us a little about yourself.

Josh Yawn: I’ve been working as a mobile DJ work since I was very young. I was enamored by just the concept of both radio DJs and mobile DJs. I used to call the radio stations and ask them questions like, “How do you know when to stop talking before the lyrics come in?” Or, “How many CD players are you working with to not have silence between songs?” All these little things really interested me. I was about 11 years old when I went to my first school dance, and that was the first time I ever saw a mobile DJ. Instantly I knew that’s what I wanted to do. And so then I started calling the mobile services in the area.

M B: You drove them nuts too, you’re saying.

J Y: I basically drove everyone who had the title “DJ” in my area insane. And so I learned more about mobile DJing. I booked my first gig when I was 11 using my dad’s band equipment. That’s where it all got started.

M B: Okay. To rewind for everybody else, about a year ago or so we started talking about putting together what eventually became known as [ ITAL ] DJ Crash Course. We partnered on the whole project. Can you give people the lowdown on what DJ Crash Course is all about?

J Y: DJ Crash Course is an educational DVD series for mobile DJs of all skill levels. Our first volume, The Inside Spin, covers music, pricing, types of events, gear maintenance, marketing, reserving shows, beatmixing, clean setups and more. We’ve had more experienced guys–guys that have been in the business for twenty years–fall in love with this one. It’s great, whether you’re new to the game, been at it for a long time, or you’re training new DJs in a multi-system business. And then our second volume, the Equipment Edition, covers sound and lighting gear and all the little ins and outs like cables, stands, programming and things that you might find that are overlooked if you go to another source. And we don’t just show you what it is; we show you how to hook it up–how this connects to that, and how that connects to this to make sound, for example. We don’t just say, “Well, here it is.”

M B: There are a lot of different books, DVDs and seminars out there for the DJ industry that have gained national exposure over the last 5 or 10 years. What makes [ ITAL ] DJ Crash Course different than what anyone else has put out there?

J Y: DJ Crash Course is the only DJ educational tool with broadcast-level production value. The information is rich and appeals to DJs of any skill level. We’ve got tons of visuals to accompany our information that would be difficult to rival.
That’s due in large part to CHAUVET and Pioneer DJ, who provided some great gear, which not only contributed to our equipment portions, but to our set as well. We’ve also taken lots of care to ensure the information is not just comprehensive and detailed, but also easy to understand and presented in a fashion that doesn’t make viewers fade in and out.

M B: What’s your life like outside of DJ’ing? I remember you telling me about some game shows and You Can’t Do That on Television. I grew up with that show.

J Y: Yes, I work in television. I was blessed enough to be able to follow both paths that were my childhood dreams, DJing and television. I work as a host, voice-over artist, producer, and music composer. I’ve also done some casting.
I hosted for Game Show Network in LA on a show called GSN Live. I was the executive producer of the reunion of You Can’t Do That on Television. We did that up in Canada with the original cast and the original studio with the original sets. I was a casting assistant on Biggest Loser, Last Comic Standing, and Supernanny. I worked for Nickelodeon for a little while behind-the-scenes for a show called My Family’s Got GUTS, with Ben Lyons from E!. And that also paved the way for me being able to do DJ Crash Course. It’s been a blessing and I’m having a blast. Working with you guys has been nothing short of amazing. Doing a project such as this has to begin from an honest place and I hope DJs continue to enjoy and learn from all the hard work we’ve put into DJ Crash Course.

Check out www.djcrashcourse.com or www.mobilebeat.com to purchase or find more information on Mobile Beat?s DJ Crash Course. MB

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