DJ Ideas – A Wedding Mic Drop Package

August 6, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

What I really love about the YouTube and DJ Facebook community is sometimes we can turn those negatives into positives and Howie Darkstar has done this and he’s asked me to do a video on it, so I’m going to do it. Have you seen the mike drop commercials from Verizon? Mike drops are nothing new, but these commercials are in circulation. People are seeing these if they’re watching TV. And something like a mike drop is maybe starting to look pretty normal. I was concerned that we’re going to run into this problem come wedding season. Howie has a great solution and he’s done it and he’s sold it and it’s working.

What he’s suggesting is, have a mike drop package as part of your services. When you’re in the client meeting, just tell them, hey, I offer a mike drop package, and they might say, well, what’s that? So well, you know mike drops are pretty popular, so for $100, I’ll give you a wired mike with your name on it and the date of your event, and you can drop it if you’d like. And you can take the mike home as a keepsake. People love it. He is also offering a package for $500 for a wireless mike drop. And they probably won’t take that.

But you’re getting the point across that this is expensive. And what’s cool about it is, he’s told people, hey, look, if you don’t do the mike drop, I can take the mike back and refund you your full $100. However, if people’s names are on the microphone and the date, that’s kind of a keepsake, they’re going to want to hang on to this, maybe put it in their wedding memorabilia box.

Now, this is a supercardioid dynamic microphone. American Audio makes it. It’s a VPS-20. It’s got a switch on it. It sounds nice. It’s a utility mike and it’s only running for $30. So if you took a microphone like this and you printed a sticker on your computer with the client’s name and the date of their wedding and hand it to them, for $100 they can drop it all they want and take it home as a keepsake, and you make a $70 profit. If they don’t drop it, who cares? Take the sticker off of the thing and use it next time. I thought it was a great idea and I want to thank Howie for sharing the idea with us. And once again, this is the American Audio VPS-20. About $30 [inaudible].

So again, you make a nice profit on that of $70 if you charge the client $100. Thanks for watching. Practice and enjoy.


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