DJ Help – Wireless Microphone Zip Tie Hack

June 25, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

Somebody shared this hack with me at Mobile Beat; I wanted to share it with you. We’re talking about microphones and how sometimes they roll and a way to prevent this from happening. Here’s a wired microphone. When I set this on the table, it doesn’t really go anywhere, because the cable’s stiff, it’s preventing it from turning around in circles. But with a wireless microphone, you got a different story, because you set it down, and it could just roll, it could fall off the table. Here’s a way you can prevent this from happening. I haven’t tried this yet. We’re going to go into the work bench and do a little mod to this microphone.

Now, according to the person I talked to, all we need is a zip tie to make this happen. I’m going to go ahead and just start the zip tie right here. Now we have a loop. Forgive me, I am one-handed, but we’re going to put it right up here, bottom of the screen, tie the zip tie. Get it tight. Let’s see if this works. It’s virtually impossible to make this thing roll within a half turn, because the zip tie works as a stop.

Maybe up here isn’t the best place to do it. Maybe down here would be better. I don’t think it matters. As long as there’s a break, this is not going to roll. This keeps it from doing so. And I don’t even know who to credit this to. I got it very second-hand at Mobile Beat; they got it from somebody else. But whoever came up with this and whoever told me about it, thank you. I hope this works for you. If not up here, again, might be a little goofy, perhaps down here is better, but this is a great way to keep your mike from rolling off the table. Thanks for watching, little tip for you on a Sunday. Practice and enjoy.


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