DJ Health and Fitness – By Matt Martindale

August 12, 2018 by Matt Martindale

It’s easy to hit the fast food joint on the way home after an event or have that extra slice of cake at a wedding. Believe me, I know. It’s also easy to sit on the couch and not exercise too. It’s a choice, just like including exercise and healthy food in your daily routine.

Am I perfect? Nope. Not even close, but as I close in on 30 years in this profession, I’m coming to grips with the fact that I’ve spent far too much of it being so busy that I neglected my diet and exercise. Slowly, those results of accumulated bad choices
began to change my mood, habits, and waistline. These choices became more apparent when I needed it most: load in, the
mental and physical stamina for long performances, and difficult load outs.

In July 2015, I drew a line in the sand. I made the choice (and commitment) to work out at least three days per week. I still do. I’m glad that I do, and here’s why:

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